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Design your sex life

Found: a rare aphrodisiac that compels women to choose "only one man," and how this new "custom script" compels her to choose you! Unique "customized" subliminal tapes, cds and video's!
Why a "new" discovery makes her crave sex with you! 
She won't know why she can't stop thinking about you. 
She won't know why she gets -wet-thinking about you. 
Mephisto is the "only hand produced" customized subliminal tape , cd or video in the world, and it gives you a "staggering advantage" over other men!

       The Custom Mephisto 
The biological secret of which man a woman chooses for sex is now in the new Mephisto "custom" tape, cd or video and it's irresistible! The Mephisto personalized tape, cd or video is "custom" recorded and your name is laced into the messages 200 to 300 times, positively removing all danger she could confuse you with any other man! And your ideas and desires are included (you don't even need to be there! It's the first subliminal program in which you can influence someone without being present). Your ideas and input will not be "censored!" any thing goes! She will know the erotic ideas dominating her thoughts are about you, because your first name and your full name will penetrate deep into her subconscious mind where all her sexual decisions are made. And now, a new force to seduce her has been discovered. 

Our new scripts

Our new script taps into the evolutionary force that causes females to "go into heat" and to choose "one specific male!" evolutionary psychologists now know the mechanics of why "females choose only one man for sex." Scientists call him the "dominant male." when a woman "decides subconsciously" who that "dominant male" is her genetic code instantly programs her to want sex with that man! It's a law of nature! 

Our new custom script casts you as the "dominant male." until a woman is convinced she has found "the dominant male" she will continue to search "and stray!" once she becomes convinced that you are "the dominant male" her DNA compels her to give herself to you and ... Upon hearing your tape or cd, ... 
The irresistible laws of nature are working for you. 
12 reasons why hearing this new script ... 
... Makes her say "yes" before you ask! 

1) The sexual trigger: in the wild females watch as males fight. After the fight the females line up to mate with the winner and only the winner. The losers do not get sex! This genetic program to choose the dominant male has existed in all females for millions of years. Women sense the dominant man on a subconscious level and our unique messages portray you as the most dominant man in the world, a man who has fought and competed for her and won her. And to her that message is true. 

2) Love is the seed for lust. The bonding process is crucial to activating her passion. Love is an idea! This new script repeats over and over "i love (your name) recorded in a feminine voice which she accepts in her subconscious mind as her own, and that's how loving you becomes her own idea!

3) Peer Pressure is regarded as the strongest influence on human behavior. Our custom script applies this power by using two voices naming you and 33 voices tell her she loves the man named (you). She's told that her family and friends and everyone approves of her love for you! (that's peer pressure)! 

4) Your Name. People are programmed to respond to names and because your custom tape names you as the man she loves and desires, her reaction is stronger. But, the power of a tape also using her name linked to yours is overwhelming! See the... "one special girl").

5) Specifics. Because your custom tape is made under your direction, you have the power to include specific messages about yourself your relationship and your sexual preferences. Psychologists know "specifics" multiply the effects of subliminal messages! 

6) Erotic Stimulation. Research done by a southern university proved that sexual subliminal material arouse women by activating their "autonomic system" causing vaginal stimulation and lubrication. Your custom tape names you as the cause of her arousal. This also becomes a memory and a source of sexual dreams and builds her sexual tension. 

7) En-trainment is a psychological device that creates a desire to copy. Your custom tape contains actual recordings of women sighing, moaning and crying out in the midst of real orgasms. She thinks she hears herself climaxing with you. 

8) Subliminal Messages imprint on the memory like a real event, and the subliminal messages describing sex with you (plus acts of your choice) become a part of her memory as if "the act" had actually happened! 

9) Rivals: by accepting you as the dominant male. She automatically lowers her opinion of all other men! Your custom script also implants a negative attitude in her about other men, she'll find your rivals dull, boring and sexually unattractive; she is even repulsed when asked for a date. And if another man hears your tape, remarkably, he will come to the conclusion that the woman loves you thus discouraging him from further pursuit and unconsciously signaling to her that he's not interested. And if he's "not interested in her," she won't be interested in him! 

10) Sexual Dreams. An inevitable result of hearing subliminal material is dreams. Your custom tape plants the basis for sexual dreams of you and she in a multitude of sexual acts (plus your own ideas). She is programmed to remember her dreams. Remembering her sexual dreams about you ordains the sex and the relationship! 

11) Sexual Tension builds an erotic hunger in her that she must release through orgasm. Your custom messages name you as the only man that can relieve her sexual tension. It's important to understand the power of sexual tension' it can become so intense that she will relieve it by masturbating. Sexual tension is also the necessary condition to triggering an orgasm. Her orgasm is essential for her to accept you as her dominant male, it behooves you to be certain she is in a state of "heat" when you make love to her so that she does have an orgasm. (see information on the "primal concentrate.") 

12) Sexual Attraction is an "idea." women choose a lover "subconsciously" for all the reasons stated above. In her mind her lover becomes clever, handsome, strong and the most dominant male. The custom script makes that subconscious decision for her by planting a "pre-accepted conclusion" that you are the world's most desirable and dominant man. It's also your chance to choose what she thinks because what she thinks is the business of mephisto and of course it's "custom" made for you! 
Important: our service is totally confidential. Your name is never sold or given to a mailing list. Our label and package give no indication of contents! Its your secret! 

Mephisto custom Tape or CD

supply your "own" music  $189.95 

One Free Copy of CD/Tape With CUSTOM

Now, her over all impression of you is that you are unique! Every attribute that attracts a women to a man has been established for you; which means she can never be attracted by a man with more appeal! It is an invisible chastity belt ! 

The Sledge Hammer
(sometimes nothing else will do)

It's important to understand that even when we know what's good for us or even what's bad for us, and what we need, or what we should do, we will still resist! The reasons are many, but the results are the same; you can't do anything about it. The sledge hammer is the ultimate trainer; it takes one idea and hits you between the eyes until you accept the idea as your own, as a part of your being.
The sledgehammer is a system of motivation discovered in the 1940's, in an experiment in which a sleeping subject was exposed to suggestions. One person made a suggestion, which had no appreciable effect. Two persons made the identical suggestion with no noticeable effect. The number was increased until five people stood before the sleeping subject all repeating the identical suggestion. At that point the sleeping subject, although still unaware of the suggestion or number of persons involved, believed and was irresistibly compelled to follow that suggestion. Five proved to be the magic number and it bears out what all psychologists know from observation: the suggestions of society determine our behavior, because peer pressure is recognized as a force second only to parental childhood programming. Those five voices represented the collected voice of society and that person accepted the suggestions as true, as something that must be done, as something that should be done!

The sledgehammer uses these principles of 5 voices, but instead of 5 voices: 6 are used! One voice (gender oriented) represents the listener and the suggestions are delivered in the first person i.e.; "i am confident, i am assertive, i never put off anything, i always win, i succeed, or i love (your name) etc." while the other five people (men and women) represent the power of society and deliver the messages in the third person using your name (and her name also, if you wish)!

The dynamic force of this concept places it outside the realm of mere subliminal cassettes, cds or videos and opens up the possibility for personal change never before remotely approached. One idea driven home until you acquire the attribute you desire, or eliminate the habit that damns your life. Finally, you have a choice and perhaps for the first time it's a choice you can make freely, because you (or she) are also given parental permission (subliminally) to make your own decisions. And never underestimate the power of parental permission, because, however hidden, we live our lives to some degree still under the direction of our parents.
The sledge hammer format can also be implanted under videos, movies, plus ... Exercise tapes, X-rated videos etc. 

Yes! It's something new under the sun!  We call it: "the phonic impact"

The Phonic Impact

"a familiar voice" 

triggers deep emotional responses!

The phonic impact uses the same format as the. "sledge hammer," ... But instead of 6 voices there are 7, and the 7th voice is yours!
For the first time you have the ability to subliminally implant your "own voice" deep into the subconscious mind of someone you wish to influence! "the phonic impact" allows you to speak in your own voice! You can express yourself freely, in your own words. Dialect, and accent. In their subconscious mind they will understand your true feelings and heartfelt emotions. It is a proven fact that the subconscious mind not only absorbs words and ideas, but "it is most moved by the true emotion" behind those words and ideas. To hear "your voice" subliminally expressing love and desire achieves an irresistible power to influence "another"! "your voice" combined with incubi's "sledge hammer format" has been called "... The most invincible form of persuasion ever conceived!" 

Revolutionary development! 

During the past 80 years of research into the potency of subliminal motivation, scientists have observed that the strongest reaction occurs with | the use of words or ideas that provoke intense emotions. "your voice" and "your ideas" going directly into her subconscious sparks an explosive emotional impact that is "total"
Phonic impact: "your voice plus the peer pressure of the sledge hammer!" it's entirely new"!

Your six-minute voice recording is embedded subliminally several times and each time it is followed by the voices of six others, who tell the listener that it is "their idea and their desire" to act out what they hear in your message. Psychologists agree: the strongest influence on behavior is peer pressure! It was this knowledge that led to the most powerful subliminal tapes ever invented: and they are: The sledgehammer & the phonic impact!

The Sledgehammer-Phonic Impact

The Sledgehammer-Phonic Impact has six voices that represent the approval of society (peer pressure). In effect, it tells the person that they not only have permission to follow the suggestions in your message, but that society thinks "it is the right thing to do" and that puts the ultimate tool of persuasion in your hand!
You may record your personal message directly into our recorder over the phone or enclose (six minutes or less) recorded tape of your voice containing you personal message along with separate instructions for our six voice "peer pressure" sledge hammer script. (see phone number below).

Sledgehammers & phonic impacts on tape or cd
Recorded under our music or sound effects  $219.00

 recorded under your own music for  $249.00

*camouflage your cd or tape  with a customized label     to conceal the real content that lurks potently beneath the surface. A "customized" label such as weight loss, stress etc. Hundreds of label choices. $10. Each 
If you need help with your ideas, speak to a scriptwriter at (708) 387 9141

Endless motivation

The more exposure to subliminal messages the stronger the reaction thus creating a method of mental saturation can only be achieved by using a special endless loop tape.  

Because these tapes are designed for continuous play the cover sounds must be a natural sound. The natural sounds of nature pleasantly mask the messages and permit extended use without the distraction and annoyance caused by listening to the same music repeatedly. It is also known that a person's sleep will not be disturbed by natural sounds. The endless motivation tapes are perfect to play through the night. This provides a method to saturate the subconscious mind with anything you want, and rapidly.

Special dream inducements are included in these tapes because of their suitability to be played during sleep. Dreaming is one of the most common reactions to subliminal stimuli and messages can be included that are designed to solve problems, resolve anxieties, or to creatively find solutions that further ambitions.
The endless motivational method uniquely enhances the sexual reaction when combined with the new "orgasmic inducement," because this new concept is designed specifically to be played during sleep. During sleep we all enter into a period of sleep called "hypnologic" in which the subconscious mind is most receptive to suggestion; in fact, a period in which any suggestion is almost certainly to be accepted!

Endless motivation sound effects hide the subliminal messages.

 Choose 1 of the 3 sound effects

1) Dramatic Thunder Storm with rain fall alternating from a heavy down pour to a gentle and peaceful shower, as crickets and birds chirp

2) Ocean Waves Crashing on the Beach and then gently receding; the cries of sea gulls make a delightful counterpoint to the pounding surf. Like a refreshing walk on the beach, or sleeping at the shore.

3) Howling Blizzard Winds roar outside, while during the lull of the winds a cozy fire can be heard cracking in the fireplace.
The above natural sound effects rarely disturb or interrupt any one's sleep.

The "endless motivation cassette" customs  and "endless motivation cds" customs  $139.95)

The "endless" sledge hammer or phonic impact format 
 on cassette or 
Compact disc $229.95

You may fax your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (708) 387-9150

     How the Mephisto "Custom" is made

The custom script is designed to activate the natural sexual impulses of all women by including your name and your directions focusing her passion on you and only you. This new script combines the knowledge of seven sciences to create within her an irresistible sexual desire for you. Nature could not and does not tolerate long courtship. Reproduction is swift and nature intends for it to happen instantly! To achieve that result, humans (and all forms of life) evolved with built in programs (instincts) to quickly accomplish reproduction. Our custom script takes advantage of feminine instincts and applies all the known sexual motivators. By portraying you as the dominant male, we push her first button, by assuring her you will be faithful and not abandon her, we push the second button. By messages that assure her that everyone approves of you and the relationship we push the third button. Because a woman's voice records the custom messages in the first person i.e.; "i love (your name etc." ) the messages will emerge in her conscious mind as her own idea to love and desire you!

These dynamically motivating messages push all of her buttons. Of course your own particular ideas and fantasies are added into the script because its custom made for you! A university study using sophisticated measurements proved that subliminal material positively activates physical changes in a woman's genitals. Subliminals are capable of activating her system causing lubrication and the intense stimulation of her vagina and the swelling of her clitoris! She is also told that her sexual excitement is caused by her love and desire for you! The custom messages are mental foreplay because she will also picture your hands erotically fondling her body, and because you have input, you can choose any erotic images you wish to further arouse her!

Intimidate your rivals!

 If a rival hears your tape he believes he is hearing the woman declare her love for you by your name. Subconsciously he believes he is wasting his time. His attitude changes from pursuing her to indifference and this positively turns her off!

Infidelity. Until a woman is totally convinced she is mating with the dominant male nature programs her to continue to seek, even to stray. This custom script indelibly and unmistakably marks you as the only dominant man in her life! Your new custom leaves nothing to chance and combines every known sexual motivator to spur her to give herself to you in every way!

Other custom formats: in addition to a custom tape or cd containing only your name, we make the one special girl. This tape/cd contains your name (200 to 300 times) linked with her name (100 to 150 times). The psychological impact of hearing her name linked romantically and sexually' to you has an extraordinary power to affect her. 

What's in a name?

By the time you are an adult, you have heard your name a million times! Before you understood language your parents were programming you to react to your name. Even their expression of love always included your name. As you grew up you were disciplined by your name at home and at school. During your formative years in which your personality and character were being formed,. Your directions to act were given with your name. You were prodded, persuaded, pampered, punished, pushed, provoked and always by your name. A habit of obedience in connection with your name is an invincible force that cannot be overestimated. By six years old everyone is set in a pattern of accepting directions and commands preceded by their name. This pattern is present in every adult and this explains why the one special girl tape/cd has astonished so many men by the lady's passionate reaction! The "sledge hammer" is so unique it is a different species. The cassette is 90 minutes instead of 60 and 6 voices instead of 2. The CD is 70 minutes. 
The phonic impact is the sledge hammer format: six voices plus a seventh voice, yours! 

Must you compete? 

Absolutely, it's a law of nature!
You compete for everything in life and most of all for sex. When a woman chooses a man for sex. She has subconsciously satisfied herself he has competed for her and won her! Even male snakes fight for female snakes and guess what: female snakes will only mate with the winner! It's a law of nature and Mephisto apples this mechanism to make you the winner by implanting the idea that you have beat out all other men! Fidelity demands that she believe you are the dominant male! 

How to order your Custom

Your Custom Tape/CD/Video is uniquely recorded to your specifications and space is reserved for your specific ideas.  It is best to call and speak with one of our script writers to assist in producing the best script.

Or if you choose to mail in your order, use a separate sheet to describe the results you want. How she should express her love physically and emotionally. The problems to be solved or anything you might think of. 

Design her dreams

Because dreams are usually the first reaction to subliminal material suggest a subject for her dreams to include in your script. Such as dreaming that she is making love to YOU and in very specific ways.

Free Offer!

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you get...Vial #1: Primal Concentrate

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Vial #2: Cupid Spark


Important: Our Service is totally confidential. Your name is never sold or given to a mailing list.. Our label and Package give NO INDICATION of contents! Its your secret!

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Remember, to receive your 2 free gifts with any purchase:  You must tell us on the order form, at the “message” line, how you found our web site (search engines, newspaper, magazines,
radio, TV, referred by friends, surfing the net, etc.) 


Vial #1: Primal Concentrate
Vial #2:
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Important: Our service
is totally confidential. Your name is never sold or given to a mailing list.. Our label and package give no indication of it's contents! Its your secret!